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1948 RSES training class.

Training and Events at Makdad

Our instructors are the best in the business, including our own Copeland Certified Specialists and representatives of original manufacturers.

              Compressor Operation and Service Seminar

Held on April 2-4, 2019

at CPI  

Pleasant Gap, PA

We have record turn out for these classes. Read what attendees have to say about the class.

I would recommend this class to other service techs and trade schools. The class provided a lot of great information and the instructors were very knowledgeable.   -Damian

I learned how sub-cooling affects the system. During the compressor tear-down session, we learned what causes compressor failures.  - Justin

I learned what components you need to use when installing a new compressor and what refrigerates to use in place of R22.   -Doug 

April 2-4, 2019 Compress Operation and Service Seminar
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